Apple changed the way it categorizes its podcasts. Instead of audio fiction/audio drama being buried in "personal journals" or "performing arts," it now has a category, Fiction. It even has subcategories: Fiction>Drama, Fiction>Sci-Fi or Fiction> Comedy. 


At 5:53 pm on August 21, 2019, Jarnsaxa Rising is 58 out of 60 on the Fiction>Drama chart for Apple Podcasts. 

I know it's highly subjective, but after not being visible among my peers for so long, this is flippin' HUGE. 

Here's another thing that's cuckoo-bananas. Last week we were the #3 podcast in Fiction in South Korea. 

8/21 '19 7 Comments
It IS huge. I'm so glad they've fixed this long-standing problem.
Sean M Puckett 8/21 '19
I know that this is all about shareholder bullshit and competing with Spotify and Netflix and Amazon and BBC Sounds for attention spans, but right now, I'm just happy to be where I am.
Lindsay Harris Friel 8/21 '19edited
iTunes is just such a trash fire and has been so for at least a decade. Discovery on Apple's platforms is so frigging fraught. I subscribe to the Apple Music service and there's an astonishing amount of great music but finding by association, without knowing the exact name is almost impossible. (screams, clutches head)
Sean M Puckett 8/21 '19
I think podcasters don't care about the New & Noteworthy list anymore because they know that it can be bought. But Jarnsaxa never even made the Modern Radio Plays list. The only way anyone finds Jarnsaxa is by word of mouth, Twitter, or stumbling across it while searching for something related to Norse Mythology or fan stuff related to Marvel's Thor & Loki. Word of mouth and Twitter have been good to us.
I’m so friggin happy for you right now that I could scream. That is fantastic news!
Oh hey! I see you!
Karen Kuhl 8/23 '19