Matt Lichtenwalner made my kid a drawing

And it is wonderous. Just saying. 

Awww shucks! Thank you! I'm so glad everyone (save, perhaps, the cat) liked it! :)
It looks to me as if everyone liked it! The cat, the unicorn, the Golden Snitch, the Lego Nightmare Princess... (?)
This looks great! This might be one of my favorite things you've drawn. I've seen you use the format before to draw the guys that you always have hangin' around your psyche, and I dig it.

But yeah, what is Lego Nightmare Princess' real name? I doubt it's "ArachnaCubicula" which would be my first guess, which I am clearly inventing to be a dork. Never seen her before.
"the format before to draw the guys that you always have hangin' around your psyche" - Those are what inspired the request from Ursula, so I'm glad it shows through!

"ArachnaCubicula" - Well, I don't know the character's actual name, but Ursula gave me a list of topics and among them was "Roblox" (seems like a hybrid between Minecraft and Leggos) and a subset of that game "Grottypuff". I did a little image searching, and voila! I think they should use ArachnaCubicula if the character isn't already named.
I love this piece! I agree with Jillbot, it's one of my favorites ... though my FAVORITE piece of your art is the one on my back.

The expression on the cat's face is pure joy and very catlike ... when they love their people they look just like that.
Thanks! The cat was a particular joy to me. Arguably for the first time, Google Image Search let me down. I kept trying to find reference pics for a cat rubbing up against their human. I finally found one that was vaguely what I was looking for and used it. Then I pretty much scrapped that and reworked the cat until the only thing remaining from the original was the two front legs. So I guess what I'm saying is - thanks - this particular cat really wanted to make its way to the digital page. :)
I love this so much.