We usually wear name tags in choir. There's  more than a hundred of us so. Anyway people like to be creative with them. I have a hallowe'en themed one I'm wearing this month but needed to make one for November. 

It's a kind of intarsia with felt and foam. I cut the pieces on the laser. It was "fun" working with the different colours. Did you figure that cutting blue/violet things with a blue/violet laser might be very different than cutting black things?  I spent hours working on the right settings and insets to get the kerfs to match. 

I have to glue all the bits to something, probably black construction paper, but that's a project for tomorrow. 

oh, yes, I'm singing alto. 

10/24 '19 8 Comments
So pretty!!! I love it.
Anne Mollo 10/24 '19
Thank you! I had kind of a vision for what it would look like and I'm tickled that the result looks so close to it.
Sean M Puckett 10/25 '19
Looove the colors; looks great! And that "a" in Sean is especially satisfying. (I love typefaces.)

YAAS to you singing alto! (I sing tenor and even baritone.) Woot woot!

Also, I don't think I knew your pronouns are they/them. Thanks for this! Noted!
The typeface for the name is called Bullfinch and was digitized directly from an early 20th century typography sample book. It's so elegant!

One of the nice things about our choir is that no one calls the SAs "ladies" or the TBs "men." While I'm the only AMAB person in the SAs (trying to be a trendsetter here) there's a lot of AFAB people in the TBs and it's wonderful.
Sean M Puckett 10/25 '19edited
This is so gorgeous.

When I was in a choir, I had a range from soprano to tenor, but I'm so tone deaf that I had to sing soprano because it was the range in which I was least tone-deaf.
After a couple hours singing alto I am sometimes sure at the end of it that I'm just making tuneless squeaks but no one has yelled at me yet. Tomorrow's our 7 hour retreat so I'm sure I'll get at least one dirty look. Or not!
Sean M Puckett 10/25 '19
Seriously nice work. I too love the type and the colors. Really good stuff.
The detail in this is magnificent.
Karen Kuhl 11/1 '19