I bought a 2l jar of Bick's pickles at costco, mostly for the jar, for later use with our own pickles. 

I'm having one of these store-bought pickles with lunch. Man, these are some weak-ass pickles. Decently crispy but they just don't taste like much of anything. I like a pickle that will fight back. Like if you drew a mascot for the kind of pickles I like, it would be like one of those "fighting Irish" things but it would be a pickle with a mean jaw, furrowed brow and angrily cocked hat. 

Fortunately, the pickles we're making are all still coming along just fine. About half of the bins have settled down into just fermentation, the other half still have a bit of residual nonsense on the surface to be spooned off. I believe we're through most of the dangerous period where infection might have set in so confidence is pretty high that they'll all turn out just fine. 

I'll keep checking them every week or so and we'll do an initial taste test at the beginning of October. (Sorry, no photos, they look the same as last week.) 

9/1 '19 7 Comments
I like the idea of a pickle mascot.
A&N Produce here in our neighborhood is the kind of place where the produce is excellent, truly, as long as you plan on using it in the next five days.

They have a pickle barrel and those pickles do not disappoint.
There is a fair chance that, if we find a need for additional cukes to pickle before the end of September, we'll be able to get a few litres at non-wholesale prices at the market. Depending on weather, etc.

I wonder how well beets would take to fermentation....
Dawn Keenan 9/1 '19
Fermenting beets is a very common practice!
Anne Mollo 9/2 '19
Make some red beet eggs (or ecks, if you're dutchy) while you're at it. :)
Karen Kuhl 9/3 '19
I had my first pickled egg (twas red) at Burning Man last year, and I was like "Where has this manna been all my life?"
Karen Kuhl 9/3 '19