I was in a bad mood, but I'm feeling much better now. 


Holy shit share that
HEEHEEHEE. Thank you. I could draw pointy headed Mike Pence inhabited by aliens for the rest of my life. Ted was the one who came up with “and the alien is just a big giant eyeball.”
This has a very Bill Plimpton feel. I love it.
(googles Bill Plimpton)
That guy? Ooh, thank you!
Okay, these are seriously frickin great!

We need to get you some unlined paper lady. ;)
I know, but I also have Journal Fear. Like, "Oh, this is a Good Notebook, I can't mess it up." as opposed to "this is a regular notebook, I have room to make mistakes." Room To Make Mistakes is the room where I tend to do well. In a perfect world, cheap-ass notebooks would be made with recycled paper so I don't feel like I'm killing a tree, the pages would have a great texture, and would be dotted instead of lines, so I can write on lines when I want to and draw with reckless abandon when I don't.

I also know that "pages with great texture" and "recycled paper" don't always go hand in hand.
All good thoughts - I will just add:

>>"I also have Journal Fear"
They're called SKETCHbooks. Not REFINEDPERFECTARTbooks.

>>"In a perfect world"
They make cheap ass notedbooks with dots out of recycled paper. Or at least, I know that they make all three of those things, so I'm confident SOMEONE put all three concepts into a single notebook.

>>>"I also know"
Yeah - the whole recycled paper / great texture is the one area where you might have to go without. I have yet to find that particular combo, but it's probably a quest worth undergoing. I also find that I sincerely enjoy ball point pen on way-too-smooth computer paper. The whole 'glide-y factor' can and does make drawing different and fun at times. So paper texture might not be the ultimate concern.

Basically, what I'm saying here is "MOAR Lindsay Art Please!"
Also? I just noticed that there's a little American flag sticking out of the hooman suit crumpled in the background. Not sure why, but that's slaying me.
Oh, thank you. That turned into an overthinking point for me. I realized that I should go back and put the flag in the first picture, like a lapel pin or something, then I thought, well no, it'd be too small to match with the final frame, then I thought, okay he could be holding it, and then I decided I was overthinking it.
Definitely. I kinda like it just as it is. :)
Yeah, and what I need to remember is that any drawing is better than no drawing at all. Ivan Brunetti's style is helping my confidence. I tell myself, "just draw shapes and then figure it out." I had a terrible time with the 2nd panel, thinking, "what are the shapes of someone reaching up to unhinge their own jaw?" and then I thought, there aren't really shapes for that because the human body isn't supposed to unzip itself like a suit, so I figured anything was OK as long as the eyeball looked good.

First: I'd never come across Brunetti before. After some quick Googling / YouTubing, I'm fascinated! I can see his influence in Ted's stuff now that I'm aware of it. :) Thanks for broadening my perspective. I wouldn't have seen it in yours if you hadn't said something because you seem to be fleshing out (heh) more details. Your drawing fu is strong.

Second: Nice work on the breakdown of someone 'unzipping'. You figured out what the focus is and as long as that expresses what you're trying to get across, the rest are just details. THIS is the stuff of master Pictionary artists. (And truthfully, ANY kind of illustrator, but it's even more critical in the time constrained world of Pictionary.)
Yep! The "FIELD NOTES" brand of sketchbooks/journals are all that and moar... plus: hipster cachet!
I use Amazon's knock off band every day for my driver's log. Bought myself a nice leather 'wallet' to keep it in, and have it with me pretty much always. https://smile.amazon.com/Field-Notebook-x5-5-Black-Graph/dp/B07488WL4F