I run a very short list (just google calendar invites, actually) for lawn care applications each summer. It's basically a rough guideline for putting down what chemicals and when, if that's your bag, baby. (That's totally my bag, baby.) If you're interested in this, send me your gcal email (via "karona" at youknowwhere) and I'll invite ya. The time to start it is in the next week or two.

I'm a bit of a lawn geek*, so this had started as a hobby and a few folks asked to be alerted. Maybe it's time to admit I have a grass addiction. I make no gaurantees if you are outside of the Southeastern PA area. Actually, I make no gaurantees inside that area, either, accept that I also do what I'm advising you to do, and a bad lawn makes me very crabby*.

Okay, cheers.

*I may have signed up for soil temperature alerts this year.

**Crabgrass joke.

That's not a bad idea at all. If I had a lawn to take care of, I would absolutely sign up.
Aw, thx. Just something that kinda came about organically (more lawn jokes!)
Karen 3/21
I have a very small patch of grass that desperately needs help. Can you send me the details?
I can send you the invite for the crabgrass prevention. It's really basic, just the name of the recommended lawn product and whether to put it down wet or dry. Maybe a blurb in the notes. I am not sure how many calendar "events" there will be this year, but last year there were about 8, spread out between April and October. I haven't set them all up yet, but if at any time you want to opt out, you can delete them. :)
Karen 3/21
If it weren’t for crabgrass, I wouldn’t have any grass at all. (Rimshot)
Yep that was us growing up. And dog poo. Good times. ;)
Karen 3/21
Can you send me an invite? I am fascinated.
Absolutely. I only have the first item up, there will be about a half dozen more from now til Octoberish.
Karen 3/21