Simple. Daffodil. March. laser cut craft foam. Cutting blue foam with a blue laser is a pain in the ass. 

It's like 20C outside. I should go for a walk. Got errands to run anyway. 

3/9 '20 6 Comments
"Cutting blue foam with a blue laser is a pain in the ass."

I know right? Why just the other day
Blue foam doesn’t absorb blue light, see... at least not much. White foam is pretty much impossible.
This is so purty and springy!

How did you get the little "scores" in the flower? Did you just tell the laser to cut half-as deep? Or is it cut all the way through the foam?

Seeing the first little green periscope of daffodil shoot in late February/early March is one of my favorite things in the entire world. It gives me hope that whatever depressing grey crap the winter has handed us, everything continues, the world is spinning, and there are wonderful, natural processes happening beyond my control and understanding, and sweeeeet jeeeeesus, we might really, actually, truly, be getting to the end of winter.
The scores are indeed lower power passes. Or faster passes. I forget, but... mostly Same thing. Joules per second per square meter. Physics!

I’m sitting on the balcony and it’s like 20C in Toronto and this is bullshit, May weather, but I love it. Gah.
Beautiful work.
dank foo!