But there's always later today. 

Engraved on a sample of cherry hardwood flooring, about 4" wide. 

10/30 '19 11 Comments
That looks great!
Sean M Puckett 10/30 '19
What did you use to do the engraving?
Laser cutter/engraver
Sean M Puckett 10/30 '19
That's pretty cool. I might just have to look into such things. :)
You can't carry it around in a backpack, so feel free to store it at my place. ;)
Karen Kuhl 11/1 '19
You are just SO selfless! Thank you for that. ;P
This is gorgeous. Where did you make this? At a maker space with a laser cutter, or do you have one of your own? [drooling with envy if you do]
Anne Mollo 11/1 '19
I have one; it's taking up like half my studio space and is a constant source of frustration, joy, and extremely unpleasant fumes (which are vented outside, but still). Learning how to use it has been most of the last month's work and I'm just beginning to get a handle on technique.
Sean M Puckett 11/2 '19
That's fricking amazing.
Thanks! It's not much artistically but it's got a fun texture.
Sean M Puckett 11/2 '19