Our small green children are doing fine. 

We’ll look in on them again next week!

[drool] I want to attend the opening gala.
Tasty, tasty children.
Looooooookin' gooooooooood!
Lazy question (feel free to just tell me to google it; I promise not to be offended): Are all pickles fermented, or are these special fermenty pickles? Also, I notice none of your pickles are on the sweet side. Is that just a preference (some folks don't dig sweet pickles) or do sweet pickles not work in this neato fermenty way?
Some pickles are fermented. Fermentation produces a distinctive sour taste (kosher dills, kimchi) and uses brine rather than an acidic (usually vinegar-based) solution.

We don't crave sweet pickles, but fermented sweet pickle recipes exist (https://realfoodoutlaws.com/lacto-fermented-sweet-pickle-slices/)
Hmm. The link doesn't seem to work, and I didn't find it roaming around on the site?
Weird. It doesn't work for me as a direct link. The title of the 2013 entry is "LACTO-FERMENTED SWEET PICKLE SLICES"
Yeah, same for me, too! So weird!
This is the perfectly-viewable page/URL I get when I google it... looks straaaaangely like the same dang ol' URL Sean gave:


(PS: Why is their addition of an oak leaf the coolest thing I've ever heard of? Had no idea oak leaves could be used for culinary purposes. Ya learn somethin' new everyday!)
I don't crave sweet pickles either, but sometimes I want a fermented pickle that is a little more balanced--mostly sour but maybe with a hint of sweet. Wondering if that is achievable.
MMMmmmmm. Sweet-ish pickles!
Ah! Thank you for the explanation. Very cool!

Between your pickle-making, Annie's honey-gathering, and Grant's canning, I really want to make something that helps me carry summer into the cold months. Probably too late for that now, but next year.
Karen 8/27