There's quite a bit about life that could be improved, and where we're able, we're working on it, but I am very happy to be sharing it with the person to whom I've been officially married for sixteen years today. SCHMOOP.

I feel reasonably confident we'll make it to the next power of 2, thirty-two thanks to good health and a stable living situation. If we make it to sixty-four, I'll just state my wish that it not be with significantly lessened quality of life.

If we actually hit one hundred and twenty eight, I will assume we've been at some point uploaded into solar-powered robotic carapaces clattering around the searingly hot, wind-scoured remains of human civilization, making a living wrenching the last few bits of rare earths required to keep ourselves alive. I wonder what kind of sex we'll have?

It'll likely involve a lot of electrical zapping, clanking noises, and mechanical giggles as you trade various armoring back and forth and model it for each other. Don't forget your oil cans.
Something like peacock spiders, but the size of a Doberman. Picking up old YIELD signs, bending them into clever hats, and leering with telescopic eye-stalks.
My ass is not so shiny, except metaphorically speaking.

I need to learn more twerk. Spider twerk.
So now I need to DuckDuckGo what it means to have a metaphorically shiny ass.
Is DuckDuckGo really where it's at now? Asking for a friend. <3
Karen 7/26
Well, it's less dollars and data for the Goog-el monstrosity. DDG's search is usually adequate though might require a little more scrolling. The big thing is they don't keep a file on you. I've switched all my browsers and devices to DDG.
Sean M Puckett 7/27edited
Thank you for the info!
Karen 7/27
I had to <strike>google</strike> DuckDuckGo peacock spiders. Pretty!!!
Anne Mollo 7/26edited
They dance! So cute!
Hey, that is awesome. Congrats!
Karen 7/26
Congrats! That's something (I feel) to be proud of.