Enya's still making the same kinda music she made, what, 30 years ago. Not just song patterns, down to the same synth patches and chord changes. Pretty impressive. Most musicians evolve, but if you find a niche that makes bank it's kinda hard to abandon it. Especially when you own a castle.

Yes, Orinoco Flow was 1989. We're OLD, people.
I was on a catamaran snorkeling cruise in Key West in 1997. As we pulled away from the dock, the crew put on their fun-times-for-the-tourists music. Orinoco Flow came on, and was so abruptly cut off that everyone on the boat cracked up laughing.
I think when you're Enya, people just expect to get Enya on an Enya record... and if Enya gave them anything but Enya, there'd be worldwide revolt.

I don't know if I admire the hell out of her for being able to repackage the same breathy vocals and synth patches into "new"(?) ways for over 30 years, or if I feel bad.

What if she's a prog-head at heart?
As a starving artist myself, if I found a niche with a small gear shaft on it that I could apply a handle to, turn it once a day, and a bag of money would fall out of the wall, I would do it, though I would ALSO pursue other projects. I might get really tired of turning that crank but there's a lotta people who have to do much less pleasant things for their living.
I wholeheartedly empathize. Maybe Enya has a secret band somewhere that plays hardcore feminist polka.
Who can say where the road goes? Where the day flows? Only time. And a good solid business model.
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Crank, thud, crank, thud, crank, thud....
Is Dark Sky Island the album we're talking about, or is she releasing something newer?
I listened to Dark Sky Island and had to check several times to see when it was made.