It feels like aging is discovering which things that you used to do for fun are no longer enjoyable. 

11/3 '21 9 Comments
What did you discover?
So far, watching hockey/football/baseball, playing soccer, collecting comic books, attending music concerts, doing wine tourism...

Are you also at least discovering new things to enjoy?
Trying to. Nothing's sticking.

Oh, add role-playing games and technical conferences to the list.
Oh, we're playing more board games now. That's fun.
Shhh, ignorance is bliss.
Ooooof. Sorry to hear this man. [Makes a note to do all the things he enjoys this year, just in case they are meh next year]
I think Baryshnikov said something along the lines of "everything you do after age 40 is damage control."
“What I used to do all night, now it takes me all night to do.”