Look out, Rogan! Ted’s brand new podcast is live. 

In other news: Symone decided to lie down far from our bed, close to the door. Sort of weird (she usually likes to be close to our bed, or in her own), but maybe it's cooler over there. 

Thrym decided to abandon Vince's lap and go relax with her for a bit. Not a great picture: it's dark-ish and I had to zoom a lot to avoid distracting them. Maybe peace is possible? 

6/12 '22 6 Comments
I really like listening to this! I'm supposed to be doing billing for my client, but I've been joyfully distracted. "If you liked this show, tell your friends, tell your enemies, tell people you like, tell people you hate, tell all the people on the earth about our show." I just finished Episode 1, and I'm gonna take a break to send out some invoices, and then imma devour episode two.

I find it really interesting and neat to hear Ted talk about his experiences, observations, and feelings about autism. He's a neat guy, and you are a glorious chick.
OK, I just did that laugh/cough/snot thing when he said "The Genghis to my Khan." I'm dead.
I know, I was shocked. he actually said it four times to make sure he was saying it right, we had to edit it pretty carefully. and, all four times I was sitting there with my jaw hanging open.
I saw "Wilmington, Delaware" on the Buzzsprout stats, and got all excited. I knew it had to be you.
Subscribed, and very much looking forward to it!
Wheee! Yes! It's like we can be there for you on the road!