I got a flu shot at CVS. It was easier than posting on Facebook. 
I went to CVS.com, answered about 10 questions about symptoms (basically I clicked  "no COVID-19 symptoms" about 10 times), then I clicked on an appointment time and said, yeah, I'll show up. 
I went to CVS, waited, then I sat in a room with a nurse, she asked me if I had any questions, checked my ID and insurance, and gave me the shot. Done. 
Easy peasy.

If you haven't, and you can, get one. 

11/17 '20 4 Comments
I keep kicking myself because I haven't yet. It's on my list.
Dude! You're more at risk than the rest of us. Today.
Thomas Boutell 11/18 '20
Do you need me to Shia Shout DO IT at you?
Um. Now. Please.
Anne Mollo 11/18 '20