I'm a sucker for gloom. 

9/26 '20 5 Comments
You know something? I'm right there with you. I'm a big fan of misty/foggy days. Part of it is the fact that the big glowing orb in the sky isn't blinding me. Part of it is at their rare. Part of it is that they just seems so cool.
Matt Lichtenwalner 9/28 '20edited
I am so there for the gloom.

It's peaceful.

Right now, in fact, I'm working out on my porch. There's a light rain falling, the whole of the sky is a single tone of off-white and the cloud wall has completely obscured the New York coastline, birds are muted, the gutter is gurgling. It's magnificent.
Anne Mollo 9/28 '20
That sounds really wonderful.
Nice gloom!
Thomas Boutell 9/27 '20