Hi, everybody! 
I'm making a public post because I want people to be able to see how cool One Post Wonder is. Here are some things I can do with OPW. 
I can post a photo of my cat stealing my office chair. 

Isn't she a scamp? 

I can also post links to documents. I used bit.ly to make a shortlink to a document in JSTOR. https://bit.ly/3bX3eit

Here's a YouTube video of Mongolian throat singing. 

I hope my friends who can see this will leave lots of comments and sub-comments to show how that works. 

This could be a good thing for people who need an alternative to all the bad platforms that are out on the Internet. I hope more people will benefit from this post and the One Post Wonder community. 

9/14 '20 15 Comments
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Whoa. You never told me you knew the Addams Family. What IS that building??
Anne Mollo 9/15 '20
That’s the Woodmere Art Museum, but Ted and I had exactly the same reaction when we first saw it.
Who's the Funko figurine?
Brian Rapp 9/15 '20
That one is General Leia, in her Last Jedi outfit. I’ve also got Captain Phasma, Maz Kanata, and Jack Harkness from Doctor Who. A guy at my old workplace was super scary right wing, really pushy, and thought he was the king of all science fiction knowledge, and also thought it was his job to go around asking women personal questions and pushing his opinions on them. So, my husband bought me these for my desk, so I had an easy conversation re-direct in case I needed one. If you put pop culture stuff on your desk, people assume that’s the sum total of your personality and they think they know what your deal is.

Plus, three wise women and a bisexual rogue are a good posse to have.
You can interact with people online and not contribute to the downfall of society? What a great site!
Chris Herdt 9/15 '20
By and far my favorite form of social media. Thoughtful, interesting folks leaving considered responses. What a novel concept!
Did you not have any public posts before this one?!
I don’t know if I did. I was trying to woo Dr. Fig over here, but what she needs to needs to be done through office City University of NY channels. Shrug.
I'm trying to woo 11th Hour Audio over here, because they want to move their organization scheme away from Facebook. They mostly need to be able to post discussions with nested comments, I think, and share images to some extent. They can use Google Drive to share sound files.
I would love to see something like that happen!
the guy who runs it would too. He said, "is there a way for people to PM each other through OPW?" I said, "Nope. They would have to email each other, so their conversation is not your problem." he said, "I like the sound of that."
lol! That's a great point that I hadn't considered.