If you need a mask and you can't sew, this might help. 

Why not just wear a bandanna? This fits on your face more snugly, and you'll see that it has more layers. 

How am I supposed to get an 18" square of fabric? Dude, if I can cut up a pair of pajama pants, you can cut up an old t-shirt or a pillow case. 

I put away my sewing rig for now, I was tired of having it take up the entire living room. It's streamlined now and I brought it up to my office. I'm still obsessed with watching mask tutorials, though: the idea of making something flat into something three dimensional and useful continually astonishes me. 

3/31 '20 8 Comments
I kinda want to make some crazy paper mache demon mask with a cloth filter insert. Because why not?
Might not even have to make something. Looks like they make the ones above for paintball protection. The whole thing is on velcro which attaches to a harness around the face. I could simply add velcro to both sides of a protective mask, and I'd be done.
I found a similar tutorial on YouTube. I'm taking an air conditioner/HVAC filter apart and using the HEPA filter paper as an insert. i'm happy to send you some if you need it!
Dude, send me the tutorial!
Thank you. That’s ingenious.
Wow, it's like mask-making and origami all in one! That's incredibly cool.
Anne Mollo 4/1 '20