Revised ...

I kept a Dreamwidth account for reading/commenting.  It's here, come say hi if you have one too:

I deleted all of my imported LJ entries after I saved them as a PDF via BlogBooker, so Dreamwidth is empty, and my life story is here on OPW.

Why did I keep Dreamwidth?  I have some people in my life that I want to be in touch with wherever you go to write, so if it's there, I'll dip a toe in.

My livejournal is still around for a bit so I
Can backup my communities, but as soon as that is done- yeah.
Rabbit 4/5 '17
I just attempted to log into my lj only to be told it had been purged and deleted. Whatevs.
Beth Adele 4/5 '17
Alas, they have a six months idle and you're out policy now.
Well I haven't logged into that account in about 8 years. I wasn't really surprised. Just love the way the message this lj has been purged and it was some kind of ritual cleansing or exorcism! 😆
Beth Adele 4/5 '17
The Russians have deleted your work during the great LJ burning of the 20-oughts. Like Bear.
Beth Adele 4/6 '17