I've got a wasps's nest in my deck post, possibly under the vinyl as well. I've got guests coming in a week and a half, specifically to hang on my deck.

Terminix wants $199 to remove it and a hard push of endless requests for yearlong service (it was $299 originally, but if you pause for a beat, it suddenly drops to $199, which is still too rich for my sensibilities, damnit!) I've dealt with all my own bugs in the past, and also I like my money, so we are attempting to kill it ourselves. The first attempt will be a foaming spray from 20 feet away.

I can't possibly see anything going wrong with this.

We couldn't find it at Blue Box Store last night so Rog is going to get it from Orange Box Store today. In the meantime I put out a trap bag for wasps last night. I looked at this morning: nothing. Crap.

[EDITED, Friday, Aug 31]

I did it! Actually, Rog did it before I even woke up this morning. A $2.49 can of foaming spray from Dries (thank you small local business) did it in one shot. Damn Terminix for upping my stress level. I was just concerned about the distance this time, and my inability to really run. Yellowjackets are f*%ing vicious. Though I've killed small paper wasp nests several times already, for some reason this nest seemed so much more active and harder to spray and get away from safely!

8/30 '18 7 Comments
Burn it all down. It's the only way to be sure. (Oh wait, that's spiders.)
Karen 8/31 '18
"The first attempt will be a foaming spray from 20 feet away."

I've done it countless times over the years. That first attempt will probably be all you'll need. It's no big, and it's sure as shit not $199 big!

(I know you already will, but I still have to say it: just be sure to clean up well since the Lil' Man likes to sit out there with you...)
Matt Lichtenwalner 8/31 '18edited
I did it! Actually, Rog did it! Update in post. And THANK YOU.
Karen 8/31 '18
So glad you got this handled! I’d probably let spray again I’m a few days, just for good measure.
Leela 9/3 '18
Thank you! Yes, we've had to do a couple applications, but so glad it's handled. Unnecessary stress.
Karen 9/4 '18