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When you walk into home depot, and you're a tall guy and wearing an orange bowling shirt.. people ask you questions because they think you work there. They just see the orange. 

9/26 '14 7 Comments
I've wanted to go to Target in a red shirt and khakis and give misinformation. Nothing too crazy, just right under the radar. "Paper towels? Oh, there in Automotive now. Yeah, we changed it, based on our sales analytics. Just go straight through here and make a left at Camping Equipment."
ARGH! and by "there" I meant "they're!"
My name is Matt and I approve of this message.
Those are the exact actual directions to Automotive, at least at my Walmart. You'll even find paper towels there, though they are the heavy duty blue ones for sopping up oil.
Karen Kuhl 10/26 '14
Also you're the guy who looks like he knows what he's doing.
Orange you glad you didn't... oh never mind.
Thomas Boutell 9/26 '14
Heh. Yeah. I've even had the same thing happen when not wearing orange. Course, the way I usually dress, folks probably figure I'm a contractor and I know where everything is because of that...