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My favorite, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead is running NOW at The Wilma Theater. I must go. Anyone else?

It's like Hamlet++

It's like Waitng for Godot to  poison Gerturde.

It's like Our Town (is Elsinore).

Don't let me miss it!

5/25 '15 4 Comments
I'm into it.
Thomas Boutell 5/26 '15
One of the few nights I recall from college is going to see this with you. Ah, the mems.
Le sigh.
Ursula Sadiq 5/26 '15
And Al as the chauffeur...
Brett Heller 5/27 '15
I remember it well.
Ursula Sadiq 5/30 '15

Free game.  Yellow 90's Paris.  Absinthe. Occult books.  unspeakble eldritch horror.  Shellefly.

2/24 '15 6 Comments
We'll play. At least we will if I get a flask of rum, a flashlight and a map. Oh, and maybe a little holy water too.
Shelle, will you play it with me?
I will if Brettttt will.
Right now it's a two player game!!!! But seems like a spectator sport, especially if everyone is qualified to make literary, horror, or Parisian references.
Brett Heller 2/25 '15
Links aren't working for me, and that makes me sad.

We're playing in Wallingford (3 minutes from Media) at 8:00 next Saturday night. 

Last show sold out, so tickets in advance are recommended.

1/10 '15 2 Comments
Crap. Play in Wallingford again on a night we don't already have a family birthday party scheduled. I know, the world does not revolve around me. If it did I would probably get dizzy watching it anyway. Break a leg!
Another time, Highlander... #kilt
Brett Heller 1/12 '15

Taught my first aquatics class at the Rocky Run YMCA.  8:00 Wed nights, if you are interested in attending.  It's action-movie themed, so we'll be preparing to act in jungle adventure, Rocky XII, James Bond, Splash 2, musicals, and the obligitory kiddie roles.

"OK, everybody grab the enemy frogman by the head & kick around in a circle to break the neck"

That's frogman with a speargun, of course.

1/9 '15 1 Comment
I think this is such a cool concept.

I missed out on all our performances last year.  This year only missing MOST due to funeral duties. I'll be performing tonight for a 5 minute snippet of our show tonight, plus the full show Thursday.

Preview Party - November 19
500 N Market St, Wilmington, Delaware 19801
11/19 (Preview Party - World Cafe) - 6pm (show at 7)

Actual Fringe Performances - November 20-23
2 E. 4th Street (3rd Floor), Wilmington, DE
11/20 - 7pm
11/21 - 9pm
11/22 - 5pm, 9pm
11/23 - 4pm

11/19 '14 5 Comments
Funeral? Oh no!
I am sorry to hear about your funeral, but CONGRATULATIONS on your show, and go get 'em, tiger!
Funeral duties? Who died?
Jen's cousin died recently, and we are attending the memorial.
Brett Heller 11/19 '14
I'm sorry to hear that. Please give her my condolences.