Hi all!

Verizon had a huge cell outage earlier this week, and because of that, Matt and I aren't able to receive MMSes. (MMSes are fancy texts-- so any text with a photo or sound attachment, or text-only texts sent to multiple people at once.

We can still receive simple texts (SMSes)... meaning text-only texts sent to one person at a time, though. So at least that's something. 

I don't know when Verizon is going to have this fixed, but until it is... if you need to reach me, email is best.  If shooting off a text is easier, please just make sure you're only sending it to me, and it's not part of a group text.

Right now I have about 8 group and/or photo texts that have been saying "Downloading..." for over 2 days now.  The suspense is killing me!

Apologies. I know it's annoying. :-(

Verizon wants me to return their old router, but the label they sent me has one of those little broken-image "X" icons where the actual label information is supposed to go.
I would love to see that. A bunch of us here love public BSODs and error messages, and that kinda image "X" icon thing is making me giddy just thinking about it.
Aw, darn. I think I just gave it away to the friendly UPS guy. Sorry.