Well over a year ago I bought some mermaid print fabric with intention of making my daughter a nightgown. Today, I finally made it.

I goofed the pattern some, but it's a nightgown, so there is a lot of room for slop. (actually, I didn't so much goof the pattern as pick the wrong pattern, then tried to correct for this after the first few parts were already cut out.)

Anywhoo, she's sleeping in it tonight. Warms the cockles, it does :-) 

3/11 '18 5 Comments
I love it! What does she think of it? That's a fun fabric.
It's cool fabric - she picked it! She usually likes the clothes I make her, including this one. Sometimes she likes them too much - I made her a play long costume skirt (un-hemmed, just a circle with elastic) and she keeps wanting to wear it to school. . . . I don't actually try to make real clothes, just PJs and costumes. And the occasional flag.
Ursula Sadiq 3/11 '18edited
There's nothing better than an appreciative recipient, is there? :)
I love the flared skirt. That is one fancy nightgown.
Yeah! I love how the flare of the nightgown is reminiscent of a mermaid's tail. So cute!