Sunday mornings we clean. d has taken on kitchen duties, while I do bathrooms, K sweeps thoroughly, then I damp mop. One or another of us will occasionally go around and dust something, or clean light switches, door jambs, handles, under the oven, whatever sticks out as needing attention. It's a ritual. With the number of users and size of our place, a week is about how long it takes for grime/scum to become visible and the cat hair to start drifting out from the corners. Of course, there's spot cleaning when a cat horks, and frequent counter wipedowns and cutting board swaps. But this level of effort and cleanliness works for us.

Sundays are also pickle inspection, and they're doing fine. I pulled out an XTRA MUSTARD and gave it to d to test, and they said "it's got a long way to go, but I can see where it's going."  I ate the rest: it's got a nice flavour on it but needs more bite. So that's a month of fermentation down.

9/8 '19 7 Comments
I like your Sunday cleaning routine. I want to implement something similar. Every week has been different since we moved in. I know it can’t be hard to have Reset Hour.
I like this too.
Karen Kuhl 9/9 '19
It's nice to turn what can be so many ways fraught into an almost mindless performance of duty at a regular time. It's cleaning time, so we clean, and the other 166 hours a week we don't have to think about it.
The egalitarianism of your current household always warms me.

[This comment, hilariously, was originally posted under DK's 22 Random Facts post]
Anne Mollo 9/9 '19
I'd seen it and pondered there. Equity, not equality, for me. From each and to each by ability and need.
Dawn Keenan 9/10 '19
By any name, it seems a kind place. :)
Anne Mollo 9/10 '19
I don't like cleaning, most of the time. Maybe I will some day. Or not. It's okay either way.
Dawn Keenan 9/10 '19