Self-Titled is the debut album from All the Feels.  It is a showcase of poststructuralist retromodern techno, and earned the band critical raves from mainstream and indie media.  The band funded the record by using embedded micropayment malware in their torrent seeds, a technique later outlawed by the World Congress.

Track listing

  • 1. Opening Track (9:27)
  • 2. Title Track (3:33)
  • 3. Instrumental Introduction (5:42)
  • 4. The Title of This Track Is Almost As Long As the Track Itself (27:11)
  • 5. You Can't Write "Eponymous" Without "Pony" (6:59)
  • 6. Single Edit (11:17)
  • 7. Dub Remix (1:17)

All tracks written by All the Feels

Produced by All the Feels

10/15 '14 2 Comments
Oh, I used to be into them.
Thomas Boutell 10/15 '14
Yeah, after that, they did their autobiographical film "Academy Award for Documentary Feature" and effectively disappeared up their own rectums, which made it difficult to record any subsequent music.
rone 10/16 '14