HERKY is an urbanized planet that is entirely devoted to the number 8.  All of its buildings are octagonal.  All land vehicles have eight wheels.  No one is permitted to kill an arachnid or octopus.  The ideal body shape is something like an hourglass, but even more eightlike if possible.  The most fashionable clothing has ruffles and bindings in all the right places to accentuate one's eightish figure.  Both men and women may resort to plastic surgery if they wish to be seen au naturel, but this is not common.  It has not gone without notice that the word "Herky" has only 5 letters, but according to the Herkyite creed, there are actually three invisible ineffable letters in their planet's name.  If asked to complete a customer satisfaction survey on Herky, be sure to give them an 8.

“Herky” does not rhyme with “jerky” on Herky, according to both literary and legal precedent.