NIEVA is wholly owned by the "Kucho!" Corporation.  The exclamation point is a part of their brand name, which is often exclaimed whenever they achieve a success.  They have not been successful in convincing the galaxy at large that "Kucho!" as an exclamation is suitable for use by the general public, but they do a profitable business in consumer goods.  Nieva was once a savage planet, full of dangerous animals.  These the Nievans long ago exterminated or captured, before being bought out by "Kucho!".  The only animals that survive in the wild are the peaceful herbivores known as Noemí.  The Noemí are about one hand in size, with large eyes and soft purple fur.  They have no fear of humans, and are indeed quite friendly.  Visitors are frequently warned that Noemí can eject an inky liquid that is exceedingly poisonous.  They are only known to do this when actually injured, though, so it is generally safe to touch and even handle them.  The source of "Kucho!"-brand poison is not difficult to guess.

I want to knit a stuffed Noemi.