A few of the posts at the top of the pile on dragonbones.net
  1. Dragonbones.net was down for a while.
  2. Contacting my web hosting provider for support pretty much always results in "To fix that problem, I would recommend paying $5 more per month so that you get upgraded service on..." and that makes me supremely angry.
  3. So I did a bunch of Googling and some FTPing and then finally, some code editing.
  4. Dragonbones.net is back online!

Not going to lie - it's been a long since I've done something that felt so outside my wheelhouse. Feels pretty damn good.

Sweet! Yeah, a successful solo debugging can feel pretty damned good. Especially when it's not your own. :)
Excellent! I like this whole new Matt With Extra Confidence added.
Tough, but you should pat yourself on the back because you rock.

You rock even if you rock in the forest and no one is there to hear you.