Since some of us have been talking about Ye Olde Birdsite, I thought I would make sure y'all saw that there's been a breach, so you might want to reset your passwords and / or add two step authentication if you hadn't already.

You may feel 'done' with the site, but just remember that things can be done in your name if someone gets ahold of your account.

(Okay, I'll stop telling you all things you already know. I just worry about my peeps.)

For reference: (the teaser text is a little misleading - this is a recent breach)

11/27 '22 5 Comments
The breach consists of a database correlating Twitter handles, email addresses and phone numbers. This sucks, but as breaches go it could be a lot worse. It predates the recent change of ownership from "normal capitalists" to "one totally batshit lone wolf capitalist plus some banks desperately selling off their stake at 60 cents on the dollar."
Thomas Boutell 11/27 '22
Ahhh. So no PW leakage? I should have read further.

Of course, my habit of (securely) resetting my password at the drop of a hat is one I don't mind having.

Also, my longer / more complicated passwords policy as described by my buddy Tom a while back...
Never hurts to change your password periodically.
Poor Elon. Discovering that he's not really King of The World must be so painful.