Today I learned that a last name like mine (Harris Friel) is known as a double barreled surname.

I will be sure to use this information the next time they can't find my prescription at CVS and try to shame me for not allowing myself to be absorbed into patriarchal standards of naming conventions. 

11/21 '19 9 Comments
You have MORE IDENTIFICATION. It should make it EASIER.
Thomas Boutell 11/22 '19
Here’s where it gets ugly. My insurance company says that my last name is Friel, because I get my health insurance via marriage to Vince. My identification has my entire full name. Pennsylvania is awesome and let me do that, out of exhaustion and rage over the whole thing. But, my first and middle name are printed on line 1, and my last name on line 2, so when most people read it, they assume that my middle name is my last name.

So, when my prescription is filled, my doctor’s office says my surname starts with an H, but the pharmacy files the prescription under F. And because my middle name starts with a Y, they always start on the wrong foot with, “we don’t have anything with that name.”
Seriously. The Spanish like to string all their family names together too. It's by no means new, and also, it's 2019? Have they been living under rocks?

Thank you for alerting me to Leone:

I must share this info with my Names You Might Enjoy group.
Chris Herdt 11/22 '19
Heh. I found this out by reading the Wikipedia entry for Sacha Baron Cohen. His grandfather added “Baron” to the surname.

By the way, this is exactly what goes through my head every time someone insists on hyphenating my last name or not leaving a blank space in between. Fucking databases, I swear to Dog.
Ooh, and I found out that OPW won’t force me to hyphenate! I can have blank spaces in the name field! YAY!
You're welcome!
Thomas Boutell 11/24 '19
Wow. I don't have your level of suffering at all. Two of my kiddos do have double middle names, spaced with no hyphens, so occasionally someone tries to take the second middle name and hyphenate it with the last name [giant eye roll]. It's mostly airlines that screw it up, which normally doesn't matter much until we're traveling out of country with a passport (which has the correct order of things). Then the airlines have to reissue the whole ticket. Big nuisance.
Anne Mollo 11/23 '19
May your kids never, ever, ever, have to apply for SSI. That is where they git ya.
Well... eventually they'll turn 65... I hope.
Anne Mollo 11/24 '19edited