Today I did the old-fashioned thing and filled out the good old contact the president form, asking him to please not run for reelection. It was a strange feeling. There is no drop-down choice for "please stop."

That's because it's not a good impulse and you shouldn't send it.
I didn’t enjoy it. I ended with “I’m sorry.”

Did you see the new poll results today? Replacing him is a gamble, keeping him is admitting we have no chance.
Replacing him ends the election immediately; it's past the deadline to replace candidates in Wisconsin and Nevada. No democrat on the ballot. Good luck with a write-in campaign in those two states.
Not to mention, it would be nearly impossible to redirect and refund a new campaign when all of the funding and the promotional engine has been in place for months.

And keep in mind, electing Biden in the shape he’s in essentially *is* electing Harris.
She’s really been out of the spotlight, hasn’t she?
That depends on which spotlight you mean:

More from Biden-governors meeting, Kamala Harris concluded the meeting with a call for unity behind the president.

“This is about saving our fucking democracy," she told the governors, per three people familiar with her comments.
Can you cite something on this Nevada and Wisconsin claim? I can’t find anything reliable to support it and it seems unlikely to me given that the convention (and thus an official, final candidate) isn’t until August.

The only thing I’ve found on it were a couple of articles wherein the Heritage Foundation was saying they might try to bring legal challenges in those states (and Georgia) but you’ve gotta be looking at something more solid than “highly partisan and mendacious source says they might sue and thinks these are the places where their chances might be best”, right?
It would seem Paul is not correct, though the issue is complicated.,_2024
Polls in July don't mean shit.