I interupt my trip reports on Iceland to share this word cloud. I am involved with a regional burning man event. ~800 people gather in Central PA for this. I took a post event survey, which included a freeform answer field for the question of gender ID.

I then processed the answers through a free online word cloud generator. 

While word cloud is a far from perfect tool (e.g., the "damned" was really part of an entry of "none of your damned business. I don't do labels"), I still find the results cool and worth sharing.

6/20 '19 6 Comments
I want to meet the person who put "damned".
CM Adams 6/20 '19
Scum, Fox, Pirate and Damned are my faves.
Ursula Sadiq 6/20 '19
I have my gender listed on Facebook as "Maple." The result is that the ads I see are less painfully targeted. I still get weight-loss-product ads, but they're less offensive.
What's the Burning Man event in Central PA? I've wanted to go to one with a climate that doesn't scare me.
(edit) Playa del Fuego. It's in Tamaqua these days. Over memorial day weekend.
Ursula Sadiq 6/20 '19edited