So far due to good luck and enormous privilege, we're healthy and working hard to remain so.

Mask up, friends, wash your hands, and stop touching your face.

Same here. Just listening to the clock tick.
Thank you for the update. I'm very, very happy to hear that. Are you and D and your fellow citizens under mandatory lockdown?

I have never been more grateful for, and uncomfortable about, my privilege. We have enough. We are OK. We are safe, and we are happy, and we are creative together. I recognize how rare this is, and my heart aches for people who are alone, sick, scared, experiencing homelessness, worried about bills, etc. I don't know how to help except help people in my neighborhood, and donate what I can... but it seems so puny.

Much love heading northward to you both.
Not yet. Yesterday the provincial premier announced $750 fines for refusing to provide accurate identification to police when accused/charged with public health violation -- including failing to maintain physical distance. The fridge is getting bare of fresh food and I think we both dread a grocery run (probably solo to conform with current advice) along with the queues and anxiety.

We used to like walking a lot. Now it's fraught, undesirable. Even the staircases and halls in our own building may contain impatient people with no evidence of protective measures. We are playing Schroedinger's infection status.

My mum continues to be confined to bed in Hamilton, week 3 or 4 I think, as the illness has been confirmed for several residents and staff on the floor of her nursing home.