A local store was having a sale on Roma tomatos, $7 for a 25lbs, half bushel. Like, fuck yeah. d went out with the wagon. Except they had none. Produce guy says when they put them out on the floor, they disappear right away. Well, of course! 

Other store was having red peppers for $8 also for a half bushel. Which, holy shit. So, okay, fine, we can do that. d brought home a box and cored them and cut them up into half inch strips and we put them in the dehydrator, where they'll sit on the balcony overnight at 130F. And in the morning they'll be crisp.  

Yes, a dehydrator is a thing we have! The tomatoes would have gone into the dehydrator too, sliced into 1/2" thick discs. Maybe we'll get lucky tomorrow. We forgot pictures. Maybe pictures of the dried peppers tomorrow.

8/29 '19 2 Comments
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