A map of the galaxy.  Descriptive text for the visually impaired available upon request.

Now that all sectors of the galaxy have been populated, I'd like to invite others to play along by voyaging among these worlds.  BoardGameGeek users may contact me at nerdsholmferret, and One Post Wonder users may leave a comment with alternate contact information.  You may specify your favorite colors and/or a character name by which you wish to be known in the game.

Here are the rules:  Each turn will begin with a starting planet and a hand of five cards that are identified like this:  "3 * 23 MALMALIYA"  The first number is a fuel value, and the second number is the two-digit identifier of the planet's galactic sector.  If you have the card for a planet that is in an adjacent sector to your current one, you may use it as your destination provided you also spend fuel cards sufficient for the journey.  Star Charter rules prohibit intentionally overspending, but you may treat this as a voluntary challenge.  You may also optionally describe how you're getting to your new destination and what you plan to do there.  Are you bringing any trade goods?  I haven't specified many, so feel free to make stuff up.  If your cards do not permit you to reach a new planet, you're stuck on your current one for the time being, but that's an opportunity to really get creative about what you're doing during your layover besides discarding as many cards as you like.  Making friends?  Starting a business?  Trying to change their system of government?  There is an in-game goal of being the most effective voyager, but mostly this is about having fun.  I hope to see you around the galaxy!

Ooh! So wait, what are the prerequisites here? Do I need to buy a copy of star charter? Read the original rules too? I’m a little bit at sea, so I’ll be the brave volunteer and perhaps others are too.
Star Charter rules are freely available at https://boardgamegeek.com/filepage/238986/star-charter-rules-play but you don't need to read most of them. Perhaps the bit I didn't explain very much is the cost of travel, which is shown in the bottom right corner of the map. There are three concentric rings of sectors. Travel among the Inner sectors is free. Moving to a Middle Ring sector from there costs 6, unless you follow one of the dashed lines to or from a Hub World for which a sector is named, which halves the cost to 3. And so on. Getting to the Outer Rim sectors is fairly expensive.