POMACEA is an advanced urban civilization with an effective democratic system of government.  In many respects they are admirable, and they are even envied by others who live in the Quast sector.  They are, however, obsessed with presenting idealized outward appearances to hide what they presumably perceive as flaws.  Their vast cities are bordered by gleaming skyscrapers, connected at their top floors by translucent netting that largely conceals the urban interior.  Official tourism personnel very politely insist on showing their charges all of the many shops and attractions in the gateway spires, and fiercely protect the privacy of their fellow citizens who live and work elsewhere.  They also guard their own privacy, by always wearing masks that cover their faces.  When Pomaceans communicate with others via teleconferencing, they either use computer-generated avatars or transmit audio only.  What lies beneath those perfect masks?  Identical clones?  Laughable mutations?  Or nothing out of the ordinary at all?

10/29 '23 1 Comment
So Google Meet visual effects are a Pomacea panacea?