THEOPHANES is by far the most habitable of the satellites of the gas giant Mytilene.  It has a breathable atmosphere, large freshwater lakes, and adequate agricultural potential.  Because it is enveloped by the ring system  and numerous other moonlets of Mytilene, it is frequently subjected to dangerous meteor strikes.  Theophanes' ruling oligarchy lives in a well-shielded fortress that protects them from harm, but the rest of the population is not so fortunate.  To encourage their continued economic support, each year one worker is selected to bring their entire extended family inside the fortress and become a new part of the permanent elite.  Each unit of taxes paid corresponds with one entry into the lottery which determines the lucky winner.  Friends who remain outside may receive an occasional gift basket, but on the whole they report that their former acquaintances swiftly lose interest in associating with them or even writing letters.  Nevertheless, support for the government remains high, as does hope for living in the Fort next year.

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The Ones Who Walk Away From Theophanes Lose Their Platinum Preferred Status!