LULLINGSTONE is a beautiful and temperate planet, a literal garden.  Some of its places are even more wondrous than the generally prevailing splendor -- towering waterfalls, fathomless crystal caves, and rainbow-hued canyons.  These have been walled off as the personal preserves of the planet's elite, whose sense of superiority is visibly expressed in their ridiculously large hairstyles.  One is not considered truly powerful unless one is practically incapacitated by an enormous pile of hair that one can scarcely lift.  The remainder of the population is content, though, to enjoy the rest of the planet, and let the 1% enjoy their superiority in their beautiful castles.

... But all of this splendor, all of this joy, all of this happiness, would be instantly destroyed if one family were not forced to live here:

There are those who will not accept this inhumanity. They are The Ones Who Walk Away From Lullingstone.