Our dog trainer, Amanda, said that we need to put Symone "on a down" more often. This means that when I plan to sit and relax or work, I should put Symone's leash on her and step on the leash. This causes Symone to lie down and relax. 
So now every morning we sit on the front porch while I drink my coffee for about 15 minutes and Symone watches the world go by. If I don't do it right after Vince leaves for work, she runs back & forth to and from the door. 

I had to buy her a special bed for outside. Her favorite part is when the kids next door come outside to leave for school. 

She doesn't bark or anything, she just watches them.  She really likes kids, but she'd jump all over them if we let her. Their faces would be thoroughly licked. 

9/20 '22 3 Comments
Probably someone should step on my leash every once in a while.
It’s the craziest thing, but the trainer and her whole company swear by it. Remove options, and they relax and go to sleep.
You helped me connect some dots. When I try to meditate lately, all I can think about is what I “should” be doing right now, i.e., “you’re so lazy why aren’t you cleaning the litter boxes.” What I tell myself is, you can fo this for ten minutes.
Now what I can tell myself is, your leash is stepped on.