Random thought:

I was thinking about all the people who have played The Stage Manager in Our Town. Fred Gwynne, Henry Fonda, Paul Newman, that gangly, folksy archetype. Then I thought, yeah, like James Comey. 

Holy shit. What if we’re all extras in an Our Towniverse, a Thornton Wilderness, and the Stage Manager is James Comey? 

I thought, this is a thought for Brett Heller.  He said, “can we go back and look at a single day in our lives? Lordy, I hope there are tapes.” 

If we’re living in the Thornton Wilderness, I guess I have to start liking Hello, Dolly. 

9/3 '19 6 Comments
"Thornton wilderness" is outstanding. You should write that play.
CM Adams 9/4 '19
I can’t take full credit. I was trying to type “Thornton Wilderverse” and Autocorrect kicked in. But, yes. I really want to.
One person's Heaven is another person's Hell.
Ray Conrad 9/9 '19
The guy who played the Stage Manager in our high school production of Our Town had the world at his fingertips and died young. His parents said it was an accident surfing, but his brother confirmed that it was carelessness due to a lot of drugs.

Things are not always happy in Grover’s Corners.
That’s a damn shame.