I’ll be honest. The practicing for 30 minutes a day or 3.5 hours per week thing is not 100% accurate. We were out of town for a bit. Since “30 minutes a day or 3.5 hrs/week” and “16 units of information” does not equal predictable results, I’m finding it harder to explain what the results are. It feels like problem solved or puzzle cracking, but it barely feels like music. 

Anyway, here’s Wonderwall. Plenty of mistakes. You can also hear Sassy playing in the background. 

A result I can guarantee with 100% accuracy is that no matter how well you can play a piece, as soon as the camera is on, you will make mistakes. 

The good news is that I can now move on to learning about sharps & flats, which means the work will sound less boring. Yay for leveling up! 

EDITED TO ADD: this is the next piece I have to work on, which I believe is standard issue for every high school marching band in America. 

All I can think of is the episode of Strangers With Candy when Gerri is in the school jazz band, as a scat singer. 


EDITED TO ADD AGAIN: I got Half Time Band and Greensleeves in a pen. Not captured, but in a pen. I think another day of muscle memory practice will do it. 

You're amazing.
Were your ears burning? I keep thinking of you while I practice Greensleeves.
"Hen- Ry- did not write this so-o-ong, he just liked to take cred-it... Hen-Ry was an old horn do-o-og..."
(googles "rhyming dictionary")
(search search search)
"and he bought this to get Annie bed-ed."

You probably know the history of Greensleeves better than I do..
Naah, I just know it's not "What Child Is This?"

Also, I keep trying to listen to Jarnsaxa Season 2 and the sound effects + the Nazis in the first episode actually make me anxious. So ... um, good job for affecting the audience? I have wanted to tell you that for a while.
Oh, thank you! I'll tell Vince. He had a really hard time with that airplane, and complained about it mightily.

Wikipedia says that Greensleeves is too young to be a Tudor era song.
To be honest: we all had a hard time with it. I was in the room for rehearsal, and there was a lot of very uncomfortable giggling. Just a lot of tension in general.
BTW: if that one makes you anxious, skip it and go on to the rest. The only thing you need to know is that the knife is a Chekov’s gun and metal holds memories.
163 days! Wow! You're amazing.
Frederick, you're a poet.
Isn’t that a lovely book?