I didn't think I'd see anything at all from a construction site on the edge of a major urban area, but everything lined up in Stellarium and that is very probably the comet. I guess. I have to say my phone saw it a little better than I did. It is a little green.

For those in darker places, now is certainly the time to go outside and have a look. Shortly after sunset in the northern sky. You still have a few days.

I bet Annie will be able to see this really well in VT.
I'm waiting for that reply too.
I tried. It was very clear last night into early morning, but… I wasn’t awake early enough. The dog woke me at 6:00, and by that time it was too light already. Not sunrise, and I could see the Little Dipper well enough, but too light out all the same.

Last might was the only clear night we’ve had recently, too. Tonight it looks as though it will be partly cloudy around 5:00 am.

And anyway I didn’t sleep well last night and it’s the same tonight, so probably I won’t get up early to see if it’s visible.

There’s also a surprising amount of light pollution where we are. It can be pitch black on the ground around the house, but Burlington is just to the north of us, and the sky in that direction glows.
I will say, last night as the sun was setting, Mt. Mansfield in the *east* was jaw-dropping. The ridge line was draped in sparkling snow, and glowing pink against a fading blue sky. Rose snapped a photo through the window of the moving car. As you might expect, it didn’t begin to represent the experience.
Current status: trying not to spend $100 on a monocular telescope with a smartphone adapter so I can take zoomed-in crummy pictures.