I just renewed onepostwonder.com for three more years. 🎂

Every few years I reach out to the guy who owns onepo.com. He always says no. I have made some credible offers. That's cool, the man likes his domain.

I should really take "beta" off the site, huh.

6/14 '20 5 Comments
Happy fifth anniversary!
why did I say fifth? what's wrong with me?
It's a great site!
Chris Herdt 6/14 '20
I do love this neighborhood.

I wish I could convince friends to move in next door. On the other hand, being a quiet cul-de-sac is a large part of the charm.

I am ever grateful for your consistent efforts over the long term to create and hold space for community.
Anne Mollo 6/15 '20
Happy Anniversary to you!
And us!