I've decided to expand my creative frontiers. Being practical, I figured I'd start small. I'd recently acquired a sewing machine to repair jeans. Since I don't believe in buyinng cheap tools that need replacing, I of course, bought a Singer made in 1950 without plastic gears. 

When I decided to try my hand at small leather goods, I hit the internet to see if my sewing machine would sew leather. It will, but it is not recommended for a steady diet. Or thicker leathers in any quantity. But I did find a recommendation for an affordable machine that will sew any leather that will fit under the presser foot.

As purchased for a whopping $60.

It's a Singer 127, made in 1923. I spent 3 1/2 hours bathing it in mineral oil to remove the accumulated petroleum oil (Bad owner! Bad! No cookie! Sewing machines are oiled with mineral oil, only)  I was pulling dust bunny mummies out of the insides. Bits of lint that had soaked in the oil and then hardened into nightmarish tar balls.

7/18 '20 7 Comments
OMG! My great-grandma had that same machine, and it had lived in our house for a long time, until one day it was gone. but it was so beautiful-- I won't ever forget the gorgeous lines of that machine. I wish I knew where it ended up.

she also had one with a foot pedal-- like you had to pedal it to spin the wheel. we didn't inherit that one.

Thank you for the stroll down memory lane, and congrats on your purchase, your hobby, and your new dopp kit!

The prototype dopp kit this all led to.
My first thought was how beautiful it is. So that's not the style nowadays, but do we not want beautiful, or are we embarrassed by it, or what?
That machine was made during the Arts & Crafts, Art Nouveau, Art Deco and later eras. The decals applied to the machine over the years changed with the times. Ultimately it wound up with minimal decals and a crinkle finish called "Godzilla" by collectors. Guess which ones have the highest collector value? The quality of the machines never changed, but the earliest machines in the best shape have the highest value. Mine really is not in good shape, but I purchased it for its functional value. It works, so it is beautiful.