yes, it came out just as i typed it.

hese boxes seem to multiply.t

11/10 '14 3 Comments
You can also type whatever title you'd like and use the "link" icon. That way there is no auto-embedding of any sort, just your text linking wherever you wish it to.

The auto-embedder for pasted links needs work. The text needs to be fully editable and the image it chooses needs to be selectable, including eliminating it entirely.

It works very well on sites that support oembed (youtube, vimeo, slideshare) and moderately well on sites that use facebook's Open Graph tags. It has the most trouble with sites like sinfest which don't even have a distinct title tag for each strip.

Thomas Boutell 11/10 '14
At first, I wanted to share a link to a webcomic for a specific date, and proceeded to do what Just Works when I'm on Major Site. I was mildly dismayed by the appearance of additional boxes but figured something might get cleaned up in posting-production so left it as it lay.
For the next post (above), I acted as a naive user in attempting to use again the link to the page and then, when that WYSInotWYW, trying a link to the image only. Boxes popped up and I typed into them. The shifting right of my first character typed in one of those boxes pointed to another likely UI issue.
It still takes more work than a casual user of technology *who isn't going to look for functionality that isn't obvious when presented with WYSIWYG and limited icons to try* wants to expend to provide a link to content that is easily identified by many other web-based social services.
Dawn Keenan 11/10 '14
Facebook happens to get this one right by just displaying the correct image, which is impressive given the inscrutable markup - there's really no good way to know which image is the webcomic. Perhaps they remember which image people used to choose manually. Perhaps they scan for the largest image, which is a good idea for a webcomic.

I tried a some of other webcomics and got terrible results from Facebook (and also from OPW, of course). The worst are those that *do* provide opengraph tags but make them the same for every episode of the comic. Sigh.
Thomas Boutell 11/10 '14