Revised my workout routine again, thought I'd share it. 

Day 1 - Arm/core - 3x 
Incline Crunch 13x, 1st oblique, 2nd double tap, 3rd asap
Triceps dip w/ hip extension 10x
Cable machine 10x l/r, 1st oblique @50, 2nd pulldown @50, 3rd one arm row @100
Advanced Bird dog 15x l/r
Lat pull down to fail @11
Pec machine to fail @47

Day 2 - elliptical 30min @ 12

Day 3 - Leg/core - 3x
Box jumps x15
Alternate Leg press 10x l/r @ 100 (90 degrees only)
One leg deadlifts 10x l/r @40
Farmer lift box step up 10x @ 50x2
Leg curl machine to fail 9
Dumbbell swing 10x @50 (we don't have kettlebells)

Day 4 - Treadmill walk/jog 30min @ lv 12/4.3mph+

Day 5 - Arm/leg - 3x
Leg extension machine 10x @10
Bent over row w/ dumbbell 10x l/r @60
Side plank leg lift 20x l/r
500m row max effort
Three point reverse fly 10x l/r @30
Push press dumbbell 10x @ 30x2

Day 6 - elliptical again

Then it repeats, alternating strength w elliptical/treadmill days. If you google any of the exercise names, you'll probably see how the're done, though some results are different because no one agrees on names apparently?

These are designed to take about 30 minutes. I revise this every couple weeks as exercises become passe or weights need to be bumped up, but I've been pretty careful to keep each day's exercises fairly focused and not overlapping with other exercises on that day, and to allow aerobic and lactic acid recovery as needed, and to give respite for healing from session to session.

Oh I should also count the walking down 9 flight of stairs and back up again to our flat as part of the workout, my watch certainly does.

2/11 '20 3 Comments
What's an "advanced" bird dog?
Anne Mollo 2/11 '20
basically a hands/toes plank and you lift L hand/ R foot off the ground and stretch them out and point your finger/toes for a couple seconds then put them back down and do the other R/L. so you're planked on one hand/foot for a few seconds back and forth.
Sean M Puckett 2/11 '20
Our gym has one kettlebell. It's 20 pounds, twice what I'm authorized to lift for the next 4 weeks.

My current workout routine is whatever I can convince Nike Training Club's Lean Fit Plan to feed me after lying to it that I have access to no gym equipment so I don't damage my post-surgery healing. Plus 30 minutes treadmill, currently at Level 9/4.1mph, on my days off that are built in to the plan once or twice a week.

It beats the yoga exercises I was doing for the first week.
Dawn Keenan 2/11 '20