CIMARON is a desert planetoid founded in the distant past by schismatics from Horelli, according to historical records on that nearby world.  According to the Cimaronners themselves, they were brought here by friendly aliens who wanted to preserve them from the harm they faced on their original homeworld.  To commemorate this event and demonstrate their continued resolve to endure the harsh environment of Cimaron, they regularly fly aircraft with bright lights that mimic the original landing ships.  They also customarily wear costumes inspired by the purported appearance of the aliens.  These include a garment made of reflective fabric, gloves with extra fingers, and headgear that resembles a colander.  (It is not considered impolite to actually use this for straining food as long as it is properly cleaned.)  Outsiders should NOT pretend to be aliens for a laugh, as the Cimaronners do not have a sense of humor about this.

10/28 '23