KAHNUJ is the only natural satellite of the planet Gydé, and like its primary is controlled by the Praxille Corporation.  It is on Kahnuj that the synthesis of Senolyte from raw Gydéan chemicals actually takes place.  The extensive laboratories and factories involved are all located in a single secure facility that contains the only high-technology equipment on the surface of this world.  The rest of the environment is pleasant but primitive, supporting an agricultural economy powered only by human labor.  There are no large domesticated animals, so heavy loads are carried in enormous baskets supported by multiple bearers on each side.  None of the Kahujji earn enough to purchase Senolyte treatments, but imported low-tech luxury goods are available in exchange for their regular deliveries of food.

9/25 '23 2 Comments
"Yes. Yes. Kahujji are used to receiving such ratings from visiting Herkyites. Will probably be reprimanded by Praxille supervisors. But, at least there is symmetry in the 8."