QUAST exists, according to its charter, to further "Truth, Justice, and the Quastic Way".  The truth, of course, is considerably more complex.  The planet is essentially an iceball, orbiting a lonely brown dwarf star.  What led the Quast Corporation to establish operations here?  Every year they bring a few new employees here across light years of empty space, and those employees regularly send home deposits to financial institutions on their original home planets.  But what do those employees do there?  The answer to that question is shrouded in darkness.  No one ever leaves Quast itself, except for the Corporation employees devoted to transportation, and they are not permitted to see any details of local operations.  Unsubstantiated rumors suggest that justice on Quast consists of only one punishment for any crime -- banishment to the freezing outer darkness.  Similarly unacknowledged is the supposition that "the Quastic Way" is something like "Don't talk about the Quastic Way".