FOXTON is sometimes called a world where only the strong survive.  To be more precise, it is a world where the weakest inevitably perish.  Its primary export is a foul-smelling fungus used on worlds like Ban-Tun to repel and punish those engaged in civil unrest.  The Foxtonians believe that the fungus is created by the ghost of the person on whom it grows.  Hence, they regularly sacrifice one of their own to provide a host for the valuable product.  To choose the victim, the ruling council select an adult citizen who must fight to the death against the council member of that citizen's choosing.  For their own safety, the council usually selects a particularly weak challenger.  A victorious challenger takes the loser's place on the council, so ironically the body is usually composed of the very weakest that Foxton has to offer.  Longevity in office depends upon selecting an even weaker opponent and/or convincing said opponent that a different council colleague is easier pickings.